10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth Day is this Saturday, and many people are still wondering what they can do to celebrate. For those of you who are unsure, I have compiled a list of 10 things you can do in honor of our Mother Earth.

Give your car a break

If your normal routine involves driving your car to get you wherever you need to be, try something different this Earth Day and give your car the day off. Instead of driving, there are many different environmentally friendly alternatives available. If you own a bike, try biking to your given destination. This will not only help our planet, it will be a great work out for you as well. If you currently do not own a bike, try walking. If the distance is too far for a walk, different modes of transportation like a subway or a bus are great options. These vehicles are more efficient due to the fact that they hold a lot more people for each trip. If you can’t see yourself doing either of the above options, at least try and carpool this Earth Day!

Change all your current bills to e-bills

All of the bills and junk mail we receive takes the lives of millions of trees. To save trees, and even save some time, try switching to electronic bills. With e-bills there is no need for paper, and you can usually use your card to pay them. If you currently are using e-bills but still receive paper copies, Saturday is the day to make the call and stop the unnecessary waste.

Clean up local streams and beaches

It is through our water ways that a lot of waste gets into the ocean and into our food. This Earth Day, try and dedicate some time to picking up trash around local streams and beaches. Trash (especially plastic) can be consumed by local fish, trap wildlife, and even kill certain animals. A beach clean up is a great way to get the whole family involved and outside on this Earth Day!

Fix leaky faucets

If you have leaks in your pipes or faucets that you have been avoiding, Saturday is the day to fix them. Not only will you be able to cross one more thing off your to-do list, it will also help to save a ton of water! Clean drinking water is becoming more scarce each day, and any water saved helps.

Share Knowledge

If you have some environmental knowledge that you would like to share, Earth Day is the perfect time to do so. Knowledge is the key to change. The more we are able to educate the public, the more likely changes will be made. Even a simple conversation can go a long way.

Stop drinking bottled water

Make a pact that you will stop purchasing and drinking bottled water. Each day, millions of plastic water bottles are used once and thrown away. There are many alternatives available, including purchasing a stainless steel re-usable water bottle. This simple change can save you from using a huge amount of plastic.

Start gardening

This doesn’t have to be an elaborate garden where you get all of your produce. Something as simple as a tomato plant, or some herbs can help to eliminate plastic and carbon emissions needed to transport the produce to your plate. If you do want to start planting your own vegetables this year, make Earth Day your planning day and start purchasing your seeds!

Go to a local event

If you have a local Earth Day event in your community, try stopping by and educating yourself on what you can do in your city to help the environment. Many events will have an educational aspect that you and your family can also learn from. These events can be a fun way to get involved and active in your local community.

Plant a tree or some wildflowers

Help the environment by planting a tree, or the bees by planting some wild flowers. The bee population has been dropping dramatically over the last few years, due to pesticide use and habitat loss. Help to rebuild the population by planting more flowers for pollination.

Look at your workplace 

Are there things that your company could be doing to become more environmentally friendly? Are they currently still using styrofoam cups for their coffee, or plastic cutlery in their cafeteria? These little changes can make a big impact over the lifetime of a business. Seeing what changes a company is willing to make may surprise you.


Whatever you do this Saturday, do it with the environment in mind. If you live near Duluth Minnesota, stop by the Duluth Farmer’s Market any time between 10am and 3pm to say hello and learn more about what MiNNBOX is doing to minimize our use of plastic and waste. Remember that if each of us try to make a difference, we can have a great impact.