The downside of free shipping

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Flat Rate Mailing (Excess Packaging Woes)

USPS Mailing Pic

Many of you (like me) will wonder why we’ve elected to ship using flat-rate mailers. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, right? Put a beautiful box inside another box? That’s wasteful.

Believe me, friends, we tried. After a lot of exploring different options, we realized that if we did it any other way, we couldn’t make MiNNBOX work. It would simply be too expensive for the customer. We had shipping quotes as high as $28 and nothing cheaper than the flat rate. That’s $28 PER box. That means a vast majority of consumers, even if they believed in the idea, would not be able to access the product.

So for now, that’s what we have. Make sure to recycle the mailing boxes you receive and the envelopes. That’s an order! 😉