What is MiNNBOX?

MiNNBOX is a Gift- and Subscription Box Service that features quality products made by Minnesota’s small businesses. Each box includes several products, anything from edibles to home goods and convenience items.

Why is MiNNBOX “Green”?

For many reasons! First of all, nothing in your MiNNBOX will go to the landfill. All the materials we use are either recyclable or compostable. In other words: You will not find any single-use plastic in your MiNNBOX.
Secondly, the businesses we work with have all made a “Green Commitment”. That means that, during the month they are featured, they will make one green change. This can be as wide ranging as a change in packaging, or as simple as planting x-amount of trees during the month.

What products are included in MiNNBOX?

All our products are made by small businesses throughout Minnesota. These are high quality items – no cheap “Made in China” products here!

Products that are included in your MiNNBOX range from edibles, to household items, to home goods and personal goods.
You can learn more about the businesses we are associated with by clicking here.


In addition to these great products each box includes a present from us here at MiNNBOX. This surprise item comes free of charge and will help YOU make a green change in your life!