It’s Almost Shipping Day!

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June 1 is upon us. Each MiNNBOX has been wrapped with care, sealed with compostable plant-based tape, and ready to set out for destinations all over the country. If you had asked us a year ago whether we thought this was possible, we would have disagreed. At that point it was just a crazy idea.

The response has been more than we could have imagined. Businesses have jumped on the Green Commitment idea and we’ve been working together to make some very positive changes. Make sure to keep following the website to see updates about all of their projects and accomplishments!

When the boxes go out on June 1, we will have to hand each MiNNBOX off to our trusted mail carrier. We will cross our fingers that each and every MiNNBOX gets to its destination timely, in one perfect piece, and that when you open it you’ll be so very happy. If you have suggestions for improvements, call or e-mail us and we will look at how we can be better. At this point we are constantly learning by experience and will continue to work out kinks for the next few months. Please be patient and know that we’re doing our best to make sure MiNNBOX is a great experience for everyone involved.