Great North Candle Co.

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We make our candles out of our home in Duluth, Minnesota. While pouring candles (and pretty much any other time) you will find us singing, dancing, laughing, and rocking out together. Maybe it makes the candles better……or maybe we’re just a little crazy. Either way, there really is LOVE in what we do. Love within our candles, our family, and our world. We strive to be as eco-conscious … Read More

Gracia’s Great Lake Soap

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The Beauty of Handcrafted Soap   I’ve been making handcrafted soap since 2002, creating each batch from scratch using my original recipes. I combine artistry and chemistry to create extraordinary products that simply and naturally pamper skin with the benefits of natural oils, essential oils, and botanicals. My soaps nourish, protect, and restore skin, scalp, and hair to their natural beauty – soft, moisturized, healthy. Industrial soaps typically … Read More

Lake Superior Honey Co.

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Lake Superior Honey Co. Nestled along the shores of Lake Superior, Lake Superior Honey Company strives to bring you the most pure, most delicious, artisnal honey available. Our honey is a free-foraged single-location honey that is available in very limited quantities. Similar to a fine wine or cheese, the flavor of our honey varies by location and weather and is influenced by the floral sources within that area. On behalf of our bees we … Read More

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