Crave by Carli Rae Vergamini

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Photo by JaneCane Photography /
Carli Rae Vergamini

With a mission to rid the world of ugly, boring, mainstream accessories (and get rid of a few awful eyesores in the process), CRAVE is a company built on the idea that the best fashions are fringey and up-cycling is cool.

It all started as coincidence, this whole up-cycling thing, but it’s quickly become a super important part of running this business.  Nearly all of the leather you’ll see here has had a past life as a jacket, pants, vest + scraps from local tanneries that would otherwise be plopped in a landfill.

Because the thing is, there’s already enough “stuff” in our lives & the world.  Why not use what’s already at our fingertips to just create it into something new?

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