lazy monk

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American bag maker, lazy monk was started by two Japanese, contemporary artists Ry Nakajima and Aya Kawaguchi in 2007. All of lazy monk products are hand-made in their Duluth, MN, studio to promote a sustainable manufacturing model that moves away from the current mass production/mass consumption model. They strive to make simple and long lasting bags that provide warmth and functional beauty.

The delicate patterns in front of the bags are called the Sashiko pattern, which are all hand-stitched by the founders themselves. Sashiko on their bags symbolize physical and spiritual protection. lazy monk bags are truly unique bags that integrate rugged, urban bike messenger culture and Japanese traditional craft.

Check out the following video showing their embroidery process.



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Green Commitment


We love water. For our green commitment, we have decided to conduct a series of beach clean-ups along the shores of Lake Superior. We are so greatful to have such a beautiful lake in Duluth and we would like to help maintain its beauty for future generations. We also feel that the plastic pollution problem is not only an oceanic problem. Clean fresh water systems should help reduce plastic pollution in the ocean.