Minnesota Nice Spice

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Debb and Lucy

I’m Debb Masterson the founder of Minnesota Nice Spice, an organic spice blend company from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The spices are unique blends I’ve created from my travels around the world – so they are locally crafted, but globally inspired.  The spice blends were designed to be convenient, diverse in their uses, tasty, and make great gifts. No more grabbing 5, 6, 7 or more ingredients from the cupboard for a single recipe…just sprinkle!


Even “nicer”, I started the company in 2011 as a way to help artists with disabilities at a local day program; www.interactcenter.com where my sister; Lucy is an artist.  She even designed our logo art!  I saw too many businesses and fundraisers using and giving undesireable gifts and thought why not offer “nice gifts that give back”.
Coming Soon!