The MiNNBOX Extra

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MiNNBOX Water BottleMiNNBOX extras are meant as lifestyle items to help customers reduce reliance on everyday single-use plastics. In the past we’ve included products like bamboo toothbrushes, stainless-steel straws, and other similar items. If we can’t find a Minnesota maker for these, we are forced to look elsewhere. These are items that, unfortunately, are not always found in the US either in whole or in part. The bamboo toothbrushes, for example, are partially made in California and partially in China. That company is absolutely the greenest company for that item and economics mean certain components are made abroad.

Even some of our local makers have component parts made in China. The glass jars they use, some of their fabrics, and other parts are sourced elsewhere. If we could make sure that every single item used in our packaging was made in Minnesota, we would. Our next step, for example, is to look for bulk popcorn grown in Minnesota.

For our “MiNNBOX extras,” we have to evaluate pros and cons for the greater good. For this month, it was about finding a water bottle that could last for years and replace hundreds of plastic water bottles from ending up in the ocean or the landfill. For us, that was more important than a Minnesota source, since none could be found.

On top of that, we also have to evaluate cost. We are on the upper-end of the subscription box price-point because we pay our Minnesota small businesses true wholesale price. We work tirelessly each day to make sure all elements are either recyclable or compostable, down to the plant-based tape we use. Every now and then, the “extra item” (and we want to keep including them) will not be made in Minnesota.

We thought it was important to share this additional information about our extra items in the MiNNBOX subscriptions. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to hit the contact button and we will be sure to answer them.


-The MiNNBOX Team