Three Month-Iversary Recap

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On August 1st we will send out the third run of subscription boxes! If you’re close to How Sweet it Is Cakes in Duluth on Monday, come celebrate over the noon hour for a free anniversary sweet!

We have come a LONG way in a few short months. Here are some of the highlights and what YOU have helped facilitate with your support.

Green Commitments

Over the last three months we’ve seen:
  • Over $500.00 donated to environmental groups throughout the state
  • Beach cleanups along the shores of Lake Superior
  • Dozens upon dozens of wildflowers have been planted to help support a healthy bee community
  • Single-use plastic avoided in a host of products.
Duluth Pack Beach Cleanup
Duluth Pack Beach Cleanup

Where do we go from here?


Starting in September, we are going to start offering periodic, themed box combinations. We realize that some people want at least a hint at the types of items they will be receiving.

Our first theme will be a Get Outdoors MiNNBOX in September. In it you’ll find lots of items you would use on any camping/outdoor adventure. Summer is SO short in Minnesota, so this is the perfect zero-waste gift for you or any outdoor enthusiast in your life.

One of the most special themes that we have coming up this fall is a dog theme: the Emmy, honoring our beloved friend that was taken from us much too early.

With this theme, we will be asking our subscribers to submit names of a pet that has had an impact on their life, past or present. These names will be compiled and listed in that MiNNBOX. With each of those boxes sold we will be making a donation to Animal Allies, a rescue organization based in Duluth, Minnesota.