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WILDROOTS LOGO smallWildroots was born in the farm fields of Wisconsin, summertime 2011.

Now based in Duluth, Minnesota, Wildroots produces each and every one of the products in small batches with the purest ingredients. Many of the botanicals used in our product line are grown, dried, and saved right from our own backyard. But no matter where the ingredients come from, they are guaranteed to be purchased through sustainable and ethical suppliers and whenever possible, sourced from the same fields in which the seed of Wildroots was first planted.


We craft small-batch, super luxe body care treatments from SEED-TO-SKIN usingsimple and pure ingredients inspired by nature and the harmonious oils of flowers, resins, barks and roots.  We design product, bottle product, label product, and ship product in house with the best intentions and a positive flow of energy.


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Green Commitment


At Wildroots, we pride ourselves in being a small company, our footprint is very small, we are dedicated to being an environmentally responsible & conscious company. We strongly believe in minimal waste packaging. Wherever possible our packaging in reusable & recyclable. Our products are bottled & packaged in glass, tin containers, and natural cotton bags. We try to use plastics as little as possible while also keeping in mind the health & safety of our customers. A tremendous amount of time & energy goes into packaging and perfecting our craft.

Our backyard hosts a number of organic ingredients used in our Wildroots product line. We choose to grow our plants when possible. To honor our green commitment, we will be planting an assortment of beneficial plants for our featured month with Minnbox. Why? We believe we are supporting a healthy, vibrant pollinator community. Choosing plants to heal humans & sustain the little guys.