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A love of comfort and beauty is what initially brought Araya Jensen (founder) from her small Minnesota town near the north shore of Lake Superior to the Twin Cities to pursue a career in interior design. She enjoyed designing beautiful and functional spaces for home owners for over twelve years, but after losing her job due to the housing market crash, an enterprising spirit and solid Midwestern work ethic led her to create Willful, formerly Wind & Willow Home.

Existing originally as a curated web shop of handmade home goods created by other designers, Willful turned into a brand of its own quickly after the launch of its own line, which started with wooden spoons, followed by wooden salad bowls, cutting boards, and mini vessels. Over the past couple of years, Willful has grown into a line of simple, yet modern home goods, which have become internationally recognized for their bold colors, bare woods, and organic textures. Made with equal parts purpose, intention, and joy, we hope you’ll love your Willful goods for years to come.


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Green Commitment

Willful will plant 100 White Pine trees this year in conjunction with their friends at Minnesota White Pine.

You can see our progress and find out about the mission @minnesotawhitepine on IG.