Top 10 Tips for a Zero-Waste Halloween

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Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! It’s a built-in excuse to eat candy, get dressed up, and let loose with good friends.

Here are 10 tips for a zero-waste Halloween:


1. Make your own costume or buy secondhand.

Enough Halloween costumes already exist. Get creative and see what you have at home!

2. Trick or Treat with a reusable bag or pillowcase.

3. If you’re handing out candy, try to pick candy packaged in cardboard (Milk Duds, etc).

Every year, over 600,000 tons of candy are purchased: enough to fill 6 Titantic ships. (most is packaged in plastic).

4. Challenge yourself to create a zero-waste item to hand out. (apples, clementines with jack-o-lantern faces drawn on, etc.)

5. Walk with your kids instead of drive.

6. Bake up that pumpkin!

Did you know 1.9 billion pounds of pumpkin are grown in the US every year?! Sadly, a lot of that ends up in the landfill after Halloween. Roast it up and freeze it in jars for all of your pumpkin bread/muffin/soup recipes.

7. Drink wine! (It’s recyclable…)

Bring a reusable cup to parties or a growler of beer. Where drinks are concerned, there are LOTS of options for those 21+. 

8. Take your kids on a walk the day after and bring a bag to clean up your neighborhood. It’ll save lots of plastic wrappers from ending up in a lake (and it’s a great lesson about taking care of the planet).

9. Throwing a party? Do it zero-waste style. Ditch the plastic cups, silverware, and plates. Break out the real glassware! You go from (literally trashy) to classy in two seconds.

10. Have a compost bin ready for whatever is left on your guests’ real plates. Check if your city has a composting program with drop off locations.

Happy Halloween!