6 Mother’s Day Gifts for the Minnesota Mom

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Sweep your mother off her feet with a refreshing tide of renewal this Mother’s Day. That’s right, our Spring Renewal Box is packed with 6 unique, Minnesota-made creations that will melt her heart and revive her spirits!

1. and 2. A bar of solid shampoo that’s good for hair and our planet, too. Mom can lather up, rinse out then repeat the process with a bar of solid conditioner to keep her hair silky-smooth.

hibar shampoo and conditioner

Vendor: HiBAR
Specs: Shampoo: 3.2 oz | Conditioner: 2.9 oz
HiBAR is committed to creating shower products that utilize absolutely zero plastic.

3. A pure essential oil reed diffuser with no fake smells! Absolutely none. No alcohol, either. Or water. Or petrochemicals. Not even a single preservative. This aroma comes only from 100% pure essential oils.

sunleaf essential oils

Vendor: SunLeaf
Specs: 1 oz | Scent: Amyris Bergamot
SunLeaf uses the real power of plants to create healthy, long-lasting products that smell amazing.

4. An all-natural solid lotion that will put a smile on mom’s skin. This bar of moisturizing magic is great for feet, elbows, neck and knees, too.

sweet land lavender solid lotion

Vendor: Sweet Land Farm
Specs: 1.3 oz | Scent: Lavender Lemongrass
Sweet Land Farm produces all of their products with bees and blueberries from 32 acres of Minnesota soil.

5. An all-natural lip moisturizer that fortifies, heals and hydrates simultaneously.

miel duluth chapstick

Vendor: Miel Duluth
Specs: 0.5 oz | Pomegranate
Miel Duluth produces 100% all-natural beeswax products, free of any man-made chemicals.

6. A handful of milkweed seeds to bring your mom’s inner botanist skills to the backyard.

save our monarchs milkweed seeds

Vendor: Save Our Monarchs Foundation
Specs: 3 packs (75-90 seeds)
Save Our Monarchs Foundation places an importance on doing exactly that. Milkweed is the monarch caterpillar’s only source of food, so the more milkweed, the merrier the monarchs.

Get all six items in our Spring Renewal Box!

7. (bonus!) A subscription to MinnBox, a bi-monthly box full of honestly good Minnesota products from honest, good Minnesota companies. Perfect for a Minnesota mom.