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Four generations of lasting quality

Bemidji Woolen Mills is coming up on 100 years in business If you’re having trouble imagining the time period, you can listen to some Louis Armstrong while you read: World War 1 has just ended. The American economy is booming. New businesses are popping up everywhere and the industrial output in the United States is […]

How to grow milkweed

milkweed plant
Become a milkweed growing maestro in six simple steps. The monarch butterfly is an American staple that provides our world with a reassuring touch of bliss. We strive to keep it that way. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions on how to properly grow milkweed, the monarch caterpillar’s only source of food. The more milkweed, the […]

Life, death and monarch butterflies

milkweed and monarch butterfly
The monarch’s beauty strives from its life cycle Each year, monarch butterflies flutter through the summer breeze while you’re out walking your dog on a sunny afternoon. You find them when you’re fishing along the grassy river bank, or when you’re out removing weeds from your garden. Have you ever stopped to think about how […]

Raising the bar for bathrooms

hibar shampoo and conditioner featured in minnbox april box
Minnesota-based HiBAR says “no” to bottled shampoo and conditioner You wake up and hop in the shower. Get your hair wet. Grab the bar of shampoo. Wait a second — bar of shampoo? Yeah, that’s right. It’s not only a real thing — it’s THE real thing: salon-quality solid shampoo made by Minnesota-based HiBAR. They […]

Sauna Etiquette: Learn the Rules of the Rocks

cute sauna
Sweat nothing but the impurities with three simple tips for proper sauna behavior The Finns invented the sauna well over 1,000 years ago. Today, most Finns take a sauna once a week. While the health benefits may be in doubt, the relaxation and well-being provided by a deep sweat session have made the sauna one […]

A family tradition, now available to yours

burgess syrup
Burgess Family Sugarhouse was born along the winding Black River in Central Wisconsin Like all midwesterners, the neighbors in Steve and Kathy’s small farming community eagerly anticipated the signs of spring. One of the most welcome signs were the sounds of the Burgess family trees being tapped and sap dripping into metal buckets. About twenty-five […]

Made by hand — and heart

homepsun trades blanket
Homespun Trades is in the business of handcrafted connections For Sydney Grace, sewing wasn’t a family tradition passed down over the generations. It was born of her annual “summer bucket list” — a way to keep the fun flowing amidst the multiple summer jobs she worked to help pay for college. Amidst more far-flung creative […]

North Shore Surfing with Big Wave Dave

surfers on lake superior
Meet northern Minnesota’s premier surfboard craftsman.   Ah, winter in Minnesota. The air turns cold and dense as temperatures plunge. Strong storms blow from the northeast, gathering speed and energy as they surge across the three hundred miles of open Lake Superior water, racing from Canada at one end to the harbor town of Duluth […]

You say potato, we say Scandinavian tortilla

How to make lefse: a Minnesota holiday tradition Nearly every culture has their own take on flatbread. And while the Indian naan, Mediterranean pita and Central American tortilla (among many others) all make a tasty edible plate for all kinds of toppings, this time of year, in this part of the country, affections turn to […]

How to make an ice candle

ice candle
The Finns may have invented it, but Minnesotans perfected it.   Each winter, when the temperature plunges and the daylight hours grow short, the Minnesotan instinct is to do one of two things: cuddle up under the blanket with a cup of cocoa and wish for warmer weather; or get out there and enjoy the […]