Backyard Adventure Box


Make your backyard an oasis. Rediscover the joys of backyard and the great outdoors with the help of this lineup of MN-made goods! You supply the hot dogs, yard games, and firewood. We’ll cover the rest for you. 

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Featured in this box

Golden Egg Bird Feeder

Six 2.25″ Eggs

Jules Loft Edible Garden Art

This feeder is for the birds. And you’re about to be the most popular bird stop on the block. Consider this bird feeder an invitation to all of your feathered friends to stop by your next backyard party.

Ingredients: 100% organic Golden Safflower seeds

State Parks Sticker

3″, waterproof

Wild North Co. Shop

Minnesota’s 66 state parks are dotted all around the state. Exploring them serves as the perfect mini-vacation or road trip. Commemorate all of your favorites with this sticker!

Artisan Marshmallows

Vanilla Bean

North Mallow

The ultimate summertime dessert: the s’more. If you think that such a classic couldn’t get any better, well, think again. Vanilla bean-flavored marshmallows will give you a fresh take on this classic backyard staple.

Bonfire Nights Candle

16 oz

Howard Soap Company

Our love language this summer is time spent around a campfire. Don’t have a bonfire pit? No problem. We’ll bring the distinct woodsy, musky, cozy scent of a bonfire inside, so the comforts of bonfire season can last well past the summer.

Ingredients: 100% soy wax, cotton wick

Milkweed Seeds

3 packs (75-90 seeds)

Save Our Monarchs

Help save monarch caterpillars and butterflies by bringing your inner botanist skills to the backyard and planting some milkweed seeds. Milkweed is the monarch caterpillar’s only source of food, so the more milkweed, the merrier the monarchs.Follow these simple step-by-step instructions (link) on how to properly grow milkweed.

MN Highway Map

Explore Minnesota

A change in travel plans? Why not explore the wonders of this great state we call Minnesota? Cruise the highways, hike its trails! We hear it’s got beautiful state parks and lakes galore.