Cute Little Kitchen Box


If it’s useful, it ought to be cute, too. And made in Minnesota. That’s our criteria for items we want in our cute little kitchens – so these ones are at the top of the list.  

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mn shaped cookie cutter

Minnesota Cookie Cutter

4” x 3.75” x 1”

The Vintage Studio

Great for holidays, game days, birthdays and everyday, this Minnesota-shaped cookie cutter will aid you in baking the nicest batch around.

pure scandi chocolate bar

60% Dark Milk Chocolate

2 oz

TC Chocolate

Do we really have to get into the knitty-gritty on this one? It’s chocolate. Really good chocolate, made in Minnesota. Enough said. Enjoy at your own pace.

Triple-stitched Napkins

Triple-Stitched Napkins

16 x 16 Napkins (2)

Old Lake George

Save a tree—use a cloth napkin! These high-quality napkins are triple stitched, making them perfect for hundreds of uses and clean-ups.

raw honey

Raw Spreadable Honey

1.87 oz

Bare Honey

Spread it on your toast, stir it in your coffee, or drizzle it on some hotcakes and enjoy this sweet, natural treat courtesy of our buzzing, bumbly friends.

timbr bottle opener

Bottle Opener Wooden body

Magnetic cap catcher

Timbr Design

This necessary picnic companion allows you to pop open your bottled beverages with ease. It even has a magnetic cap catcher to keep your bottle tops from running off.