Feeling Festive Box


We’re grateful that the holidays are coming, because we all want something to celebrate, especially in 2020. Get in a festive, cheerful spirit with this mini collection of holiday goodies!

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gnome of wine

Gnome Bottle Topper

9” x 4”

Land of Nisse

While gnomes love watching over your garden in the summer, they take to the indoors for the colder months — your wine seller, more specifically. Don’t worry, they won’t drink a drop. These little fellas just find a nice bottle to sit atop.

da bomb bath bomb

Jingle Bomb Bathfizzer

7 oz


Run a warm bath and plop in this fizzer to make it more festive. As the wintergreen ball starts to swirl and bubble, a surprise will slowly emerge from the bath bomb’s rubble.

linen spray

Room + Linen Spray

4 oz

Howard Soap Co.

Make your house a little homier this holiday season with Howard Soap Co.’s Silent Night Room + Linen Spray. Comprised of essential oils and chemical-free perfume oils in a water base, this spray will freshen up your space for family and guests. Shake before use.