Hearth and Home Box


Cultivate warmth inside and out with a cozy hat for your head, a home for your knick-knacks, and some linen spray for your bedsheets. 

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Mother’s Day Card

Make Mother’s Day memorable with this handmade quilling card designed in Minnesota. The iconic lily of the valley is rendered in meticulous detail, one tiny piece of paper at a time. When it comes to completing your Mother’s Day gift, consider this the Cool Whip on the pie.

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Captain’s Beanie


Northern Waters Smokehaus

Crafted to keep your noggin warm and your loggin’ steady, weather is no match for the Captain’s Beanie. It’s perfect for cold climates and looking like a boss. Throw the cuff down over your ears when you’re out battling Mother Nature and, when you get back to the cabin, flip the cuff up and wear it beanie-style indoors.


4” x 4” x 2” | Leather exterior | Natural fiber interior


No more scrambling for your pocket gear in the morning. Phone, wallet, watch, keys, knife — if it fits in your pocket, it fits in the Valet.

linen spray

Room + Linen Spray

4 oz

Howard Soap Co.

Make your house a little homier this holiday season with Howard Soap Co.’s Silent Night Room + Linen Spray. Comprised of essential oils and chemical-free perfume oils in a water base, this spray will freshen up your space for family and guests. Shake before use.