Holiday Gift Box


A box full of Minnesota surprises! This one is sure to delight.

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Featured in this Box

Wine Bag

Faribault Woolen Mills

A showstopper buffalo plaid wool wine bag. Made of blanket remnants, Faribault Woolen Mills makes sure no scrap of fabric goes to waste.

spiced honey candle

Spiced Honey Candle

8 oz Soy Candle


A warm spicy blend of honey and citrus combined with spices and tobacco to create a scent worth the heat.

Eco Safety Matches w/ Striker

Ten Thousand Flames

Safely light up that campfire you’ve been waiting for.

Vegan Carrot Pesto

6.75 oz

FreakFlag Organics

Ooh ya. Put together the creamy perfection of hemp seeds with sweet carrots, flavorful spices and pesto and you’ve got yourself a vegan, nut-free spreadable, dippable, and noodly sauce.

MN Buffalo Plaid Vinyl Sticker


218 Clothing + Gift

Weather Proof + Durable: Made out of thick vinyl material with the MN Buffalo Plaid, this sticker has a durable gloss laminate finish that will protect it from sleet, snow, sun and rain. Outdoor sticker life is 7+ years.

Homestead Mills pumpkin pancake mix.

Pumpkin Pie Pancake Mix

1 lb

Homestead Mills

A traditional whole wheat pancake mix with the flavor of pumpkin pie. Enjoy the holidays, any time of the year!