Minnesota Sizzle Box


Minnesotans dare to bring on the sizzle with these hottest picks curated to heat up and tickle your taste buds.

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Featured in this Box


Firesticks Cayenne Pretzels

4 oz


These Firesticks don’t light the fires, but they do set your tongue a-sizzlin’.

hot sauce

Ghost Pepper Pineapple Hot Sauce

5 oz

Double Take Salsa

This ghost pepper sauce made with pineapples will have you weeping for joy (or hot sauce) at the combination of heat and sweet.


Spiced Honey Candle

8 oz Soy Candle


A warm spicy blend of honey and citrus combined with spices and tobacco to create a scent worth the heat.


Eco Safety Matches w/ Striker

30 ct

Ten Thousand Flames

Safely light up that campfire you’ve been waiting for.


water bottle

Kodiak Water Bottle

Sustainability Collection

Northern Glasses

A part of their Sustainability collection, so ditch the plastic and stay cool while serving the planet.



aloe kote

Aloe Kote

SPF 25

Aloe Up

Perfect for chapped lips, noses and ears. This hydrates with Aloe Oil to keep that skin is protected and prepped for the heat.