Restoration Box


R&R sourced locally and done right. It’s been a year. Gift this box to someone who could use a little Minnesota pick-me-up (especially if that someone is you).

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Featured in this Box

SK Guatemala Coffee

Guatemala Coffee

12 oz.

SK Coffee

This Saint Paul roastery prides themselves in specializing in unique flavor profiles. Enjoy a sweet blend for your restorative self-care moments.

2 Chocolate Bars

Pure Scandi, Salty Nibber flavors, 2 oz. each

TC Chocolate

Do we really have to get into the knitty-gritty on this one? It’s chocolate. Two varieties of really good chocolate, made in Minnesota. Enough said. Enjoy at your own pace.

Natural Inspirations Lavender Hand Sanitizer

Lavender Hand Sanitizer

4 oz.

Natural Inspirations

Hand sanitizer is one thing that’s marked our recent era. And who knew how particular we’d get about the qualities of hand sanitizer! How it smells and feels makes all the difference. Kill 99.9% of germs while keeping your hands soft with hydrating Aloe Vera and Glycerin and lightly smelling like Lavender Ylang.

Natural Inspirations Lavender Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb

Lavender Scent

Natural Inspirations

Step into a relaxing bath, foaming with lavender scented bubbles, and make time to slow down and rest. This bath bomb’s scent is known for its calming properties.