Snow Day Box


Snow days can mean a plethora of things for Minnesotans. For the hardy, snow means their favorite outdoor activity is made possible. For others, snow days are an invitation to retreat to the warmest corners of our homes. These are our favorite Minnesota-made items for a snow day well spent! 

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Sniffle Balm

Sniffle Balm

0.35 oz

Lulu Organics

Snow day sniffles? Chapped from the cold? Wipe those winter woes away! Rub this Sniffle Balm on your chapped skin, or let the balm’s essential oil properties clear clogged nasal passages by applying it to your chest.

Wooden Snowflake Coasters

Cedar Wood Coasters

Set of 4


These wood coasters serve as a spot to set your warm drink as you’re snuggled up in the living room pillow fort. We think you’ll love the custom snowflake imprint found on this coaster set — it’s unique to this MinnBox!

Wood Wick Candle 

Snow Day Scent  

Woodfire Candle Company

Here’s a candle scent to set the snow day scene – aptly named to remind you of the white, fluffy banks piling up outside.

Let It Snow Greeting Card

Let It Snow Greeting Card

4.5” x 6.25”

Red Cruiser

Send warm wishes to someone special during the coldest season of the year! The inside of this card is a blank slate, ready for you to add your personal touch. We think this charming card is lovely as a piece of framed art, too.

mug cake

Chocolate Chip  Mug Cake

3.6 oz | Vegan & Gluten-Free

Coconut Whisk

Everybody loves a warm, gooey, classic chocolate chip cookie. Especially on a cold, snowy day. But what you might not have tried is a chocolate chip mug cake — a quick dessert that takes much less time than a traditional batch of cookies without all the major allergens that you might be avoiding.