Spick & Span Box


Your home will be spotless and immaculate once you get your hands on this collection of natural, MN-made cleaning products.

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Disinfecting Toilet Bomb

4 per container

Best from Brogen

The bath bomb: You’ve plopped one into your tub, lit the candles, queued up your most relaxing playlist, and sunk into the fizzy, brightly colored water, washing your worries away. But a toilet bomb? Same concept, minus the candles and tunes. Its fizzy power eradicates toilet bowl grime with a boom. Now your commode is a throne actually worth sitting on.

Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemon essential oil

Crocheted Wash Cloth

100% Cotton

JLZ Creations

Your sweet grandmother probably gave you a drawer-full of hand-crocheted dishcloths when you moved into your first place. And you loved her for it. They’re a timeless solution for filthy dishes, faces, and countertops. Everyone could use another. So here ya go.

Natural Hand Sanitizer

2.5 oz

Bee Naturalz

Meet your new best friend and bacteria and germs’ worst enemy: a natural, skin-friendly weapon against door knob and remote control nasties. Carry this defense mechanism anywhere and spritz all of the germs away. 

Ingredients: witch hazel, aloe, cucumber hydrosol, manuka honey extract, essential oil blend

Dishwashing Liquid

16 oz. | Fresh-Cut Basil


You don’t need to grow basil on your counter to make your kitchen smell like a flourishing herb garden. Meet the dish soap that will turn the everyday, mundane task of washing dishes into something that’s fresh and exciting. This invigorating scent make you long for the warm, bright days that are oh-so close. 

Countertop Spray

16.5 oz | Fresh-Cut Basil


After kitchen cleanup, you don’t want anything lingering behind — except the scent of this. One whiff of this fresh, basil-scented countertop spray will have you using any excuse to wipe your countertops down.