Unwind At Home Box


We’re all at home these days, for better or worse. So we’re making the best of it! We’re pulling out all the stops to relax and unwind inside during another Minnesotan winter.

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Featured in this box

red wing mug

Crock Style Mug

10 oz

Red Wing Stoneware

Built for breakfast and brunch, this handcrafted crock-style mug will keep it hot whether it’s coffee, tea, soup or oatmeal. This box comes with two mugs, so you can enjoy a cup of whatever you fancy with whomever you’d like.

Microwave and dishwasher safe

da bomb bath bomb

Jingle Bomb Bathfizzer

7 oz


Run a warm bath and plop in this fizzer to make it more festive. As the wintergreen ball starts to swirl and bubble, a surprise will slowly emerge from the bath bomb’s rubble.

linen spray

Room + Linen Spray

4 oz

Howard Soap Co.

Make your house a little homier this holiday season with Howard Soap Co.’s Silent Night Room + Linen Spray. Comprised of essential oils and chemical-free perfume oils in a water base, this spray will freshen up your space for family and guests. Shake before use.