Winter Gift Box


Brimming with a wintery mix of Minnesota-made goods and goodies, the Winter Gift Box is the perfect present for your family and friends this holiday season.

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Featured in this Box

Duluth Coffee

12 oz

Duluth Coffee Company

Get your day started with a steaming cup of “the good stuff.” Dangerously tasty, featuring notes of brown sugar, vanilla and dried fruit, you’re bound to be hiding these beans so your family doesn’t get to them first.

Crock Style Mug

10 oz

Red Wing Stoneware & Pottery

Built for breakfast and brunch, this handcrafted crock-style mug will keep it hot whether it’s coffee, tea, soup or oatmeal.

Microwave and dishwasher safe


Rust | Taupe | Charcoal

Duluth Pack

Built to challenge the weather of the north — whether it’s wind, snow or sleet — this beanie can handle it in one, simple feat.

“Fishing Opener” Bottle Opener

Wooden body | Magnetic cap catcher

Timbr Design

You know you had a good day on the water when there’s more fish than beer in the cooler after it’s all said and done. You can thank the Fishing Opener for allowing that to happen.

Field Journal

3 x 5.5 | 50 pgs.

Press du Nord

Fifty pages of pocket-sized parchment lending oodles of opportunity for notes and doodles.

Assorted Caramels

3.2 oz | 9 pcs

Abdallah Chocolates since 1909

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this select assortment of milk and dark caramels, clusters, crunches, creams and chews

Handmade Candle

100% soy | Scent: Spruce Pine

Woodchuck USA

Fill your home with the welcoming scent of Minnesota’s northwoods. When not being used as a candle, the fireproof container wrapped in real wood serves as a beautiful addition to your home decor.