A Family Tradition, Now Available to Yours

burgess syrup

Burgess Family Sugarhouse was born along the winding Black River in Central Wisconsin

Like all midwesterners, the neighbors in Steve and Kathy’s small farming community eagerly anticipated the signs of spring. One of the most welcome signs were the sounds of the Burgess family trees being tapped and sap dripping into metal buckets.

About twenty-five years ago, while homeschooling their five children, Steve and Kathy Burgess began making maple syrup. The whole family enjoyed the work of collecting the sap and boiling it down to make syrup over a wood fire. Often the family affair became a neighborhood one, as friends would drop by to help and celebrate the harvest by pouring fresh syrup over ice cream or pancakes.

In 2013, Steve and Kathy moved from their place along the Black River and relocated to 80 acres in Duluth, Minnesota. Their new land came complete with a large maple grove, and Steve and Kathy’s grown children began to speak of their desire to make maple syrup memories with their own children. With the request for the tradition to begin again, Steve and Kathy got to work.

Word of their delicious syrup spread fast, and soon demand had grown far beyond relatives. It was time to provide a family tradition for families all over the country. So, with a grove of maples 2,000 trees strong and a state-of-the-art sugarhouse, this family got to work creating delicious, all-natural maple syrup for yours.

Today the Burgess Family Sugarhouse is capable of producing 1,000 of the 16,000 gallons of maple syrup produced in Minnesota each year. And fans swear by the sweet taste delivered by our northwoods. Try some for yourself in the “Cozy Cabin” edition of MinnBox!

Discover more about this family and their delicious syrup at burgessfamilysugarhouse.com.