Vendor Feature: Organic, Small-Batch, Sniffle-Free Snow Days With Lulu Organics

Sniffle Balm

Send those snow day sniffles back to where they came from.

One of the things we love most about Minnesota is the people who live here. Maybe we’re biased, but we think that Minnesotans are a cut above the rest — and it turns out that we’re not alone. Our newest featured Minnesota Maker, Lulu, the founder of Lulu Organics, has found that her Minnesota customer base has rallied around locally-based small businesses like hers that are dedicated to serving the well-being of their customers. Because if there’s one thing Minnesotans love, it’s Minnesota. (And supporting businesses based in our state!)

Lulu Organics was born thirteen years ago out of Lulu’s personal need for simple, food-grade beauty products — which were hard to come by at that time. She grew up being conscious about her health and wellness, so it was only natural that she turned to herbalism as a hobby, and eventually built a company that reflected her conscious lifestyle. She draws from her natural-born creativity and professional background in the beauty and fashion industry to create products that support the health of their customers.

Lulu Organics’ commitment to creating preservative-free, organic, small-batch products means that customers are receiving personal care products that are always fresh and made with intention, rather than mass-produced, factory-made goods. The company prioritizes keeping their environmental impact as small as possible and lifting up others through their work. Consider a company such as Lulu Organics a conscious alternative to large corporate companies that perhaps don’t keep the same principles and values in mind, or have the ability to create thoughtful products in the way small-batch companies can.

Minnesotans and other cold-weather enthusiasts are sure to appreciate the Lulu Organics product we included in our Snow Day Box — the Sniffle Balm! Its unique essential oil blend is perfect for cold weather (and allergy season, which is right around the corner) when you’re feeling congested or when your hands are dry and chapped.