The First Priority: Maintaining Mental Health With Essence One

Essence One shower steamers on bathroom counter

Self care, mental health and hygge intertwined. 

Have you ever changed one small habit in your daily routine and have it cause a ripple effect on other areas of your life? Perhaps you started to wake up just a bit earlier in the morning, in tandem with the sun, and it sparked a feeling of gratefulness as the sun shone throughout the rest of the day. Or maybe you placed a shower steamer, created with rejuvenating essential oils, at the floor of your bathtub, and let the scented steam billow around you, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. 

That’s what Lauren VanScoy, the founder of Essence One, started to do when she became impacted by hormonal changes and postpartum depression after the birth of her second child. To address the difficulties she was experiencing, she turned to something seemingly small: aromatherapy. 

Experimenting with scents and creating self-care products became a creative hobby for her as she explored ways to improve her mental health. Aromatherapy was one layer of lifestyle changes that began to transform her everyday. 

And while diving into aromatherapy had a profound impact on her, it affected much more than just her own well-being. Her small-batch products became extremely popular with her friends and family, too.

The growing need for Lauren’s calming aromatherapy products and her curiosity led her to take courses in aromatherapy and transform her side hobby into a full-time business, Essence One. She took a deep dive into the science of aromatherapy and the ways scents affect our neurology. She knows just what scents to blend to boost your mood, relieve stress, or create an atmosphere of calm. 

Lauren didn’t immediately know what she needed when she was first experiencing depression, but now it’s her goal to use what she’s learned to benefit anyone who needs the healing power of aromatherapy. Her uniquely blended scents help people take moments of rest and prioritize their mental health.

And Lauren’s advocacy for mental illnesses doesn’t stop there. Her company envisions a world where discussions around mental health are destigmatized and actively supports organizations that promote this cause too. 

Caring for our mental health is so prevalent now as the entire world deals with the stresses of living through a pandemic. Lauren recommends using Essence One’s shower steamers to take a well-deserved moment of indulgent, therapeutic calm for yourself. They’re featured in our Hygge Home Box, and we think her scents do just the trick to bring hygge into our homes. 

Need stress relieved? Anxiety lifted? Sleep restored? Don’t overlook the power of something subtle, like scent, and the ways that it can change your everyday living.