Sweet Jules Gifts: How a Minnesota Family Tradition Became the “Best Caramels in the Western World.”

Bag of Sweet Jules Assorted Caramels on table

Does every story about great food start with a beloved family recipe?

Maybe not, but this is one of those stories.

Caramels Close to Home

Jules and Hope, the creative sister duo behind MN-based Sweet Jules Gifts, grew up anticipating the homemade caramels their Aunt Rosie would hand deliver to them each Christmas. They were creamy and simple, and lived up to their excitement each year.

So, it was only a matter of time when the two sisters pulled out their own copper pots and started making their own small-batch versions of their Aunt’s beloved caramels. Eventually they came to sell them at their family restaurant and local farmer’s markets. 

Like many foodies, they inherited their affinity for food from their family, who all have a fine taste for excellent cuisine. Many of their family members have gone on to start their own establishments, work in famous restaurants, study and work at culinary institutes. 

After finding local success selling their caramels close to home, the two sisters realized that all they needed to build a great company was to continue to do what they did well really well - make small batch caramels and find a way to get them in the hands of more people. In 2011, they made it official, founding Sweet Jules Gifts. With her fine palate and pastry background, Jules was the master of perfecting the caramels’ flavor profiles. Hope had the business know-how, and helped them reach broader audiences nationally and globally.

Keep it Local...

Over the years, they’ve found that the key to creating the best possible caramels lies in sourcing the best possible ingredients and making them in small batches. They take great care in selecting the right ingredients: from local organic butter and cream, to fine sea salt, Tahitian vanilla, to cane sugar and Swiss chocolate. When people buy caramel, what they really want to taste is just that -- the caramel, so they don’t stray too far from their core line of classic flavors.

When Jules visited the patisseries of France last year, she thought she’d find the best caramels there. And though they proved to be quite good, she knew the best caramels were the ones they’ve made in the same copper pots they’ve used since the beginning. With their locally sourced, organic ingredients from Minnesota dairies, their caramels stood apart from the rest.

...then Spread the Love Far and Near

While they source, produce, and sell locally, they've expanded nationally and internationally with the help of their online store and corporate orders. They’re also the proud winners of various awards at the International Chocolate Salon Awards in San Francisco. Now they connect with people from all around, sharing their love for delicious caramel. One customer even remarked that they have the “best caramel flavor in the Western World!”

The most awaited gift of the year turned into a recipe that helped them become one of the top gifting companies in the state. 

At MinnBox, we’re committed to showcasing our unique, Minnesota-based vendors to promote local commerce. We love Sweet Jules’ commitment to creating a quality product right here in our home state. Try a sampling of their caramels, featured in our Cozy Kitchen Box! You can also find them at their storefront in Minnetonka, Minnesota, selling caramels and pastries on the weekend. Welcome to MinnBox, Sweet Jules!