Vendor Feature: Minneapolis-based Stunt Puppy is Paws-itively Innovative

stunt puppy leash

A wet dog nose wakes you up in the morning with a snuffle. You know what that means: time to grab the Stunt Puppy leash and take them for a morning run.

Wait a minute — Stunt Puppy leash?

Yes sirree! It’s not just any ‘ole leash, but one that was made specifically for running together. 

The inspiration for Stunt Puppy came when owner, Ken Goldman, worked at hospitals and homes with his golden retriever, Bauer, as a Certified Pet Therapy Team. As they made their rounds, Ken noticed how oftentimes the leashes and collars weren’t easy to move around with. During jogs, he noticed how cumbersome it was to hold a leash in his hand and he wondered what could be done.

It was Stunt Puppy. Stunt Puppy was what could be done.

But, Stunt Puppy is more than just leashes. They sport customizable collars, harnesses, and outerwear. Each product is born from life with a dog in the wildworld of Minnesota. The urban jungles, rural acres, the playing fields, lakes and the forests. 

Every innovation is born from addressing everyday problems. Their leashes came from observing how difficult running while holding a leash was, their life jackets came from noticing how the mainstream ones didn’t have enough support, their outerwear came from seeing how short-haired dogs didn’t have enough warmth in the winter and their waterproof collars came from discerning how dogs collars would get soaked, leading to something that smells worse than wet dog — wet dog collar.

In other words, these products come from the love of dogs. From wanting to make sure that they are safe and warm and happy.

So, the next time you’re out looking for dog necessities, go to Stunt Puppy to make sure your dog is safe and ready to explore the big wide world around them.

Stunt Puppy Lumberpup™ Everyday Leash™ is available in our Puppy Love Box.