You clicked. We listened.

The results of the MinnBox customer survey.


If a person takes an online survey and the company learns nothing from it, did it make a difference? - Ancient Minnesotan Proverb


First, we need to say thank you. A whole big bunch of you took time out of your busy lives to answer our questions and help us make MinnBox even better than it already was. Were your answers insightful? Yes, very much so.

Here’s five takeaways from the MinnBox customer survey that has helped us move our subscription service forward.

1. You Love Local

An overwhelming number of you say that supporting local products is the number one reason you subscribed to MinnBox. And, what a coincidence: it’s the number one reason we relaunched MinnBox. While we had an inkling you all had a soft spot for local makers and creators, it sure was gratifying to see that our passions are yours, as well.

2. Made in Minnesota

More than two-thirds of you selected our focus on Minnesota-made products as the thing you like best about MinnBox. The great news? That won’t be changing. Ever.

3. More Bath & Beauty

You love a lot of what you discovered in previous editions of MinnBox, and what most of you want more of are bath and beauty products. We hear you loud and clear. You can bet we’re scouring the state to find the very best for you.

4. Theme It Up

You love the surprise of opening each MinnBox, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t also love a hint. A lot of you requested “themed” boxes, designed around our changing seasons or major events like the holidays, fishing opener, and the like. We think that’s a great idea. So much, in fact, that we’ve already got a MinnBox Holiday Gift Box available!

5. You’re Happy To See Us

The best thing we learned was how happy you all are to have us back. Reading your words of excitement and encouragement thrilled us and we are working hard every day to fulfill our promise of shipping honestly good Minnesota products from honest, good Minnesota companies.