Unique Gift and Subscription Boxes

High Quality

Products made by Minnesota small businesses.

Zero Waste

We never use any single-use plastics and all our products are recyclable or compostable.

Green Commitment

All our featured businesses commit to a green change.

This ranges from donations to environmental causes, to more eco-friendly packaging changes, to real hands-on efforts to improve our environment.


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MiNNBOX Metrics

Donations to Environmental Causes
Businesses that switched to Plastic Free Packaging
Park or Beach Clean-Ups
Trees Planted
Pieces of Trash Cleaned Up

Featured Businesses

MiNNBOX includes products exclusively from Minnesota businesses that make a “Green” commitment for their featured month.

This can be a change in packaging for the featured product (i.e. paper instead of plastic), implementing a Green Initiative at your company, or it can be as simple as planting trees.