Frequently Asked Questions

My Account

How do I login?
Go to the homepage, click my account, enter user name and password.


Where do you ship?
Basically, anywhere in the USA. Shipping costs are included if shipped to the lower 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska costs extra and we’ll call you to arrange the extra charge.

Oh, and no PO Boxes. We don’t ship to those.

When does my order ship?
We ship the first full week of the month, February, April, June, August, October and December.

When will my order arrive?
As fast as your mail service can deliver it. We ship via Speedy in the Midwest and USPS standard shipping outside of the Midwest. Expect 3-5 days from the moment it leaves our office to the minute in lands in your hands.

What if I’m not home?
If you’re not home we’ll leave it on your doorstep. You don’t need to sign for anything. And there’s nothing perishable in MinnBox.


What forms of payment do you accept?
All major credit cards.

Can I preview or customize my subscription box?
Fortunately, no. Yes, we said fortunately.

Trust us, once that first box arrives, you’ll be thankful that there’s still a way to make room in your busy schedule for some surprise and delight.

Gift Boxes

Can I preview or customize my gift box?
We like to surprise you, so you won’t be able to preview your subscription box. However, we do offer past boxes and some specialty boxes for sale and you can preview their contents. And we offer customization for bulk orders over 20 boxes. Reach out to to place a bulk order.

Cancellations and Returns

I forgot to skip my box. Is it too late to cancel?
Once an order is shipped, it’s too late to cancel. If you haven’t yet received a shipping notice, please call us at ASAP so we can help.

I don’t like an item. Can I return it?
No, unfortunately, but we’d love to know what you didn’t like. Send us a message at so we can continue to improve our offerings.

An item arrived damaged. What can I do?
Please email us at We’ll replace your damaged item with the exact item or something of comparable value.

For Vendors

How can I get my product into MinnBox.
Email or call us.