“A Night In” Box


What’s more intimate than sharing a locally poured candle, drinks and some snacks with someone close to you? This box has what you need to do just that. 

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Featured in this Box

Cocktail Syrup

8 oz | Ginger

Earl Giles

Zing, spice, and zest. Better grab your cocktail shaker, because this ginger syrup is about to shake up the way you craft your summer happy hour for the better.

Candy Fruit Slices

12 slices | Mix of Flavors

Amy’s Classic Confections

Twelve different varieties of sugar-coated slices to satiate your summer sweet tooth – for whatever flavor you’re feeling. 

Spiced Honey Candle

8 oz Soy Candle


A warm spicy blend of honey and citrus combined with spices and tobacco to create a scent worth the heat.


Cayenne Pretzels

4 oz


These Firesticks don’t light the fires, but they do set your tongue a-sizzlin’.