Camping Starter Kit Box


This one’s a keeper.

Packed with everything you’ll need to enjoy a day in the woods, our “Camping Starter Kit” will make you a happy camper the moment you open it. Our team of tastemakers have assembled a box full of unique creations from Minnesota makers designed to ensure exploration is done right.

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Featured in this Box

Eco Safety Matches w/ Striker

30 ct

Ten Thousand Flames

Safely light up that campfire you’ve been waiting for.

Bungee Dealee Bobs

3 ct

5 Various Colors

Old Scout Outdoor Products

Deemed the ‘reusable zip-tie,’ this shock cord bungee has uncountable uses. Fasten your paddles, fishing rods and other gear to your canoe in no time. When you’re done fishing, use them to tie your tent down and hang your socks up at the campsite.

sota key floatie

Topside Floaty Keychain

Vinyl-coated foam

Sota Clothing Co.

A keychain that keeps your pocket gear afloat, so you’ll never have to go bobbing for your boat keys (or your bottle opener) while you’re out on the water.

Citronella Camp Soap

Beer Soap

Scented with citronella, this soap will keep you clean all through your camping trip.

bug off bug spray

Bug Off! Herbal Bug Spray

4 oz

Simple Soaps

Love something the mosquitos hate. This here herbal bug repellent will keep the bugs away all day. And, you don’t have to make Mother Nature mad as it’s 100% free of DEET and aerosol.

Ingredients: alcohol, pure essential oils


Firesticks Cayenne Pretzels

4 oz


These Firesticks don’t light the fires, but they do set your tongue a-sizzlin’.

aloe kote

Aloe Kote

SPF 25

Aloe Up

Perfect for chapped lips, noses and ears. This hydrates with Aloe Oil to keep that skin is protected and prepped for the heat.

Breathe the Wind, Drink the Rain


Douglas Wood

Is it a book or a pamphlet? Either way, it’s a warm and witty short read that inspires  some healthyself reflection. Read our blog on Douglas Wood.

Black bottle of linen spray.

True Hue Stargazing

4 oz Room/Linen Spray

True Hue

Make your house a little homier with True Hue’s Stargazing Linen Spray. Comprised of phthalate-free, environmentally friendly and biodegradable formula, this spray will freshen up your space for family and guests. Simply Spritz around your home or linens.