Colorful Minnesota Box


Minnesota is a colorful state and this box is filled with beautiful, tasty and useful essentials you can enjoy all year!

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Featured in this Box

lotion stick with wood and leaf background

PlantScent® Aroma + Skin Therapy Moisture Stick

.75 oz

SunLeaf Naturals

Blustering winds are tough on the skin but this moisture stick is up to the task! Swipe some on wherever you feel chapped, be it lips, cheeks, elbows or knees and this will have them feeling soft and moisturized. And you’ll smell great!

red plaid storage bag

Small Storage Bin

Red and Black Flannel

Shaggy Baggy

Cozy Minnesota storage at it’s best, this buffalo plaid patterned storage bag is as velvety soft as it is practical.


wild rice soup

Creamy Wild Rice


Maggie & Mary’s

Coming in 1st place, winning the Gold Award in the International Gourmet Food Show in New York, this delicious soup will awaken your taste buds to the creamy, wholesome flavor of wild rice.


red and green apple scrubbies with wood and leaf background

Apple Kitchen Scrubbies

Green & Red

All Sylvias Creations

Made by hand, these Apple Scrubbies will remind you of grandma and are necessary for scrubbin’ those tough stains on pots, pans and dishes without scratching the surfaces.


colorful embossed cards

Embossed Festival Color Cards

Set of 5

Blue Room Craft Studio

These embossed festival cards capture the spirit of oak leaves in rich Minnesota colors. Perfect to share with those special people in your life.