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Minnesota-made goodies for you and your best friend.

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Turkish Towel

36″ x 72″


Is it a towel or a wrap or both? This beautiful 100% premium Turkish cotton towel will have you stylin’ at the beach. Note: Actual color is navy blue.

Natural Hand Sanitizer

2.5 oz

Bee Naturalz

Meet your new best friend and bacteria and germs’ worst enemy: a natural, skin-friendly weapon against door knob and remote control nasties. Carry this defense mechanism anywhere and spritz all of the germs away.

Ingredients: witch hazel, aloe, cucumber hydrosol, manuka honey extract, essential oil blend

bug off bug spray

Bug Off! Herbal Bug Spray

4 oz

Love something the mosquitos hate. This here herbal bug repellent will keep the bugs away all day. And, you don’t have to make Mother Nature mad as it’s 100% free of DEET and aerosol.

Ingredients: alcohol, pure essential oils

hand creme

Hand Lotion

2 oz

Natural Inspirations

Indulge in a hand crème that will bring you peace of mind and the smoothest of skin. You can wave winter dryness goodbye with these trusted, natural ingredients. Scent: Eucalyptus Rosemary Mint

Ingredients: coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils

Lip Balm SPF 15

1 ct

Coral Sun

This all natural coconut mineral lip balm will nourish chapped lips while protecting them from the sun. The lip balm is made from all-natural minerals, which makes it perfect for sensitive lips. Apply at the same time as your regular sunscreen – your lips will thank you later.

Citronella Camp Soap

1 ct

Scented with citronella, this soap will keep you clean all through your camping trip.

aloe kote

Aloe Kote

SPF 25

Aloe Kote

Perfect for chapped lips, noses and ears. This hydrates with Aloe Oil to keep that skin protected and prepped for the heat.

Black bottle of stargazing spray.

Stargazing Room Spray

1 ct

True Hue

Make your house, car or tent a little homier with True Hue’s Stargazing Linen Spray. Comprised of phthalate-free, environmentally friendly and biodegradable formula, this spray will freshen up your space for family and guests. Simply Spritz around your home or linens.

Red bungee holding a fishing pole to a wood frame.

Bungee Dealee Bobs

2 ct

Old Scout

Deemed the ‘reusable zip-tie,’ this shock cord bungee has uncountable uses. Fasten your paddles, fishing rods and other gear to your canoe in no time. When you’re done fishing, use them to tie your tent down and hang your socks up at the campsite.

Collapsible Dog Bowl

Purple + Black Weave

Mendota Pet

The ultimate travel companion’s companion. This’ll be your favorite dog bowl for those trips up North or runs in the city. Holding up to 1.5 quarts, it folds up real nice and small.

Boo Boo Butter

1 ct

The Blissful Dog

Every dog is bound to have some scrapes and bruises from bounding around. Apply some of this Boo Boo Butter and all will be right as rain.

all natural dog bar soap

All Natural Dog Soap

1 ct


Sometimes on the road, our little four-leggeds get into things that make them, well, unpleasant to be around. This all natural bar soap just for your pup will remove the stink. Unscented.