Lake Life Box


Life is best lived at the lake. With boat keys, a beverage, and a good read in hand, you’ll be living proof of it.

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sota key floatie

Topside Floaty Keychain

Vinyl-coated foam

Sota Clothing Co.

A keychain that keeps your pocket gear afloat, so you’ll never have to go bobbing for your boat keys (or your bottle opener) while you’re out on the water.

prescriptions from the dock by douglas wood

Prescriptions from the Dock


Author: Douglas Wood

Prescriptions from the Dock is dedicated to the premise that there is no better doctor than an old dock. While aspirin, ibuprofen, sedatives and psycho-therapy certainly have their place, there are times when the best medicine is simply a sunset, a cane pole and a bobber.”

Douglas Wood is a musician, keynote speaker and author of 37 books.


100% Acrylic

Duluth Pack

Built to challenge the weather of the north — whether it’s wind, snow or sleet — this beanie can handle it in one simple feat.



12 oz

Great Lakes Northern Outfitter

A little something to keep your beverage cold while you’re casting. Ahhh, life really is better at the lake.