MN Baby Box


This one’s for the Minnesota baby in your life. Your little one will be saying “Ope!” and “You betcha” before you know it.

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baby bib

Baby Bib

8.5 x 11.5

Clover & Cotton

Baby looks cute doing just about anything — even when making a mess. This bib will help block the food from getting on their clothes, and keep baby looking dapper in their diaper.



Give baby a wash with a nice cloth that keeps their skin smooth and soft.

Minnesota Teether

3.5 x 4

Smiling Tree Toys

When baby’s first teeth start to poke through, they’ll surely want something to chew. Baby can safely soothe their sore gums with this softly curved, easy to grasp, Minnesota-shaped wood teether. And, no worries here — this toy is antibacterial, non-splintering, non-toxic and completely natural (no oils or finishes applied).