Outdoor Adventures Box


Who needs an outfitter when you’ve got your MinnBox! Load the camping gear in your trunk, but Doh!, don’t forget the saw. This box has Minnesota-made products that pack small and will be enjoyed for many years to come. 

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Featured in this Box

Fire Starter

100% Recycled Materials

Bent Paddle Brewing Company

Is it cheating or are you a fire-starting genius? Tuck one of these tiny magic bundles neatly under the logs, light a match and get the flames rolling in no time.

“FIshing Opener” Bottle Opener

Wooden body | Magnetic cap catcher

TIMBR Design

You know you’ve had a good day on the water when there’s more fish than beer in the cooler after it’s all said and done. You can thank the Fishing Opener for allowing that to happen.





Lookout, lumber. The rugged, lightweight and portable Sven-Saw can handle any yard work or camping need. Annoying branches? No problem. Firewood? You betcha. To get hacking, all you need is 30 seconds to unfold the saw, position the blade and tighten the wingnut. What are you waiting for?


Big Ass Brick of Soap®

10 oz

Duke Cannon Supple Co.

That’s right, a brick of soap so big that you might mistake it for an actual brick. But you’re smarter than that. You know that an actual brick doesn’t belong in the shower. You know that an actual brick doesn’t make you smell like the fresh green wilderness. You know that an actual brick is nothing to get excited about. And since you know that, you know you want this brick of soap.


Black bottle of linen spray.

True Hue Stargazing

4 oz Room/Linen Spray

True Hue

Make your house a little homier with True Hue’s Stargazing Linen Spray. Comprised of phthalate-free, environmentally friendly and biodegradable formula, this spray will freshen up your space for family and guests. Simply Spritz around your home or linens.


The Things Trees Know


Douglas Wood

For all you Minnesota Tree Huggers — a brief meditation on trees and our shared relationship with the world around us.