The Rugged & Refined Box


Who says you can’t have both? This box is for the person who wants that “look good, feel good, just rolled out of the woods” sort of vibe.

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duke cannon soap

Big Ass Brick of Soap

10 oz

Duke Cannon Supply Co

That’s right: a brick of soap so big that you might mistake it for an actual brick. But you’re smarter than that. You know that an actual brick doesn’t belong in the shower. You know that an actual brick doesn’t make you smell like the fresh green wilderness. You know that an actual brick is nothing to get excited about. And since you know that, you know you want this brick of soap.

dirty knees beer oil

Beard Oil

1 oz

Dirty Knees Soap Co.

This is the best damn beard oil around. With the aroma of freshly chopped lumber, it’s practically the definition of rugged and refined.

Leather Credit Card Sleeve

2.5″ x 3″


Even your credit cards can be well-dressed. And this hand-cut, leather credit card sleeve only gets better with age.

prescriptions from the dock by douglas wood

Prescriptions from the Dock


Author: Douglas Wood

“Prescriptions from the Dock is dedicated to the premise that there is no better doctor than an old dock. While aspirin, ibuprofen, sedatives and psycho-therapy certainly have their place, there are times when the best medicine is simply a sunset, a cane pole and a bobber.”

Douglas Wood is a musician, keynote speaker and author of 37 books.


Handmade MN Candle

100% soy

Woodchuck USA

Fill your home with the welcoming scent of Minnesota’s Northwoods. The fireproof container is wrapped in real wood and serves as a woodsy addition to the indoors.