Wild Minnesota Box


Let’s get wild.

With this wild summer heating up, we put together a box with some of the necessities.

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Featured in this MinnBox

Latte with heart design in a mug made with the Dark Night Blend from Wildflyer Coffee.

Dark Night Blend


Wildflyer Coffee

Indulge your dark side with Wildflyer’s Dark Night Blend. Rich and delicious with notes of dark chocolate, nuts, tobacco and cherry, it’ll be a Dark Night delight.

Vegan Carrot Pesto from Freak Flag Organics made using hemp seeds and sweet carrots.

Vegan Carrot Pesto

6.75 oz

FreakFlag Organics

Ooh ya. Put together the creamy perfection of hemp seeds with sweet carrots, flavorful spices and pesto and you’ve got yourself a vegan, nut-free spreadable, dippable, and noodly sauce.

100% cotton canvas bag from Molly Co that is eco-friendly and perfect for groceries and more.

Grow Positive Thoughts Tote Bag

14.5″ x 16.5″ tall

With Molly Co

A 100% cotton canvas bag is eco-friendly, minimalist and just waiting to be used for groceries, a day at the beach, and so much more.

Lavendar healing salve made with healing herbs, beeswax and calming oils.

Lavendar Healing Salve


Stella + Poppy

This lavender all-heal salve is made with a blend of healing herbs, calming oils and beeswax for dry, traumatized, burned, or distressed skin.

*Can be used on humans and animals. Perfect for paws.

Decorative wood magnets in the shape of MN handmade from birch.

Minnesota Magnet


Olive and Twig Design Co

These wood magnets of Minnesota are a great gift for any occasion or simply to decorate your fridge.

*Handmade using birch wood materials.

3mm birch, 2.5″x2.5″