Vendor Feature:  Mixly is Cocktail Mixes for All!

Mixly cocktail mixes of Pineapple Basil Lime, Grapefruit Jalapeno, and Cucumber Mint Lime.

Everyone loves a good cocktail party, but few know how to be a good mixologist. You could opt for a mix, but most mix brands are made with loads of sugar and just don’t taste as good as they could. This was the problem facing Johnna, Megan and Stuart one day when they thought, how could we make a better cocktail mix?

Flavored with quality ingredients.

This is how Mixly Cocktails was born! Headquartered near Excelsior, MN, Mixly was founded by three friends who were sick of the bland cocktail mixes available in the market. “Most cocktail mixes on the shelves are made of bad ingredients with unappealing flavors” Said Founder and President Johnna Rossbach, “We wanted to change that.”

The group was sick of their corporate jobs and wanted to build something for themselves. Megan and Stuart had the cocktail knowledge to get them started and, after about four years of idea generation, Mixly was formed.

Learn as you go.

“We really learned a lot as we went. None of us had ever done something like this before” said Johnna. They did know one thing, though; they were going to keep their ingredients clean and flavorful. Soon, customers, boutique liquor stores and big box stores started to take notice of the up-and-coming cocktail company. 

“We quickly learned where our efforts were best spent,” said Jonna. “We got some traction in big retail stores like Hy-Vee, but some of our best customers were boutique liquor stores. Between those and restaurants putting Mixly on their menus, we started to take off.”

Mixly is for everyone.

Now, Mixly is thriving in restaurants, small boutiques, and large retailers. Their ingredients are really what sets them apart from other mixes. “We only use fresh citrus for our mixes. Anything other than fresh leaves a bitter taste,” said Johnna. “We also use honey instead of sugar in our simple syrup. This balances out the flavor and makes it more available to people with a variety of dietary needs.” 

“Minnesotans love products made by other Minnesotans.”

Jonna Rossbach

Inclusivity and diversity are priorities for Mixly as well. “We are women and LGBTQIA+ owned and believe everyone should be heard,” said Johnna. “Our mixes are for everyone too. You don’t need to mix our mixes with alcohol. We designed them to make a great mocktail as well! Just add your favorite sparkling water and they are just as delicious.” 

Johnna wants to be a role model for her own kids and show that hard work can go a long way. “I want my kids to know that they can be whatever they want to be,” said Johnna. 

“We’ve learned that Minnesotans love products made by other Minnesotans,” Johnna explained about feedback she’s received “People are always shocked that we are in Hy-Vee already, they can’t believe it.” 

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